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Chanca Piedra 1,000 Planet Source

Chanca Piedra 1,000 Planet Source


Planet Source Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) 60 capsules also known as Stone Breaker

Chanca piedra is a natural diuretic that can help prevent kidney or bladder stones from forming.  The Spanish translation of Chanca Piedra is  “the stone breaker.” Some people consider it an excellent remedy for a range of kidney disorders due to its lithotriptic activity. The stone-forming crystals in the bladder are made of calcium oxalate, and chanca piedra acts as a natural diuretic to flush out excess water and toxins (like calcium oxalate) from the body.

Chanca Piedra contains tannins that have diuretic properties. This means that they help you urinate more frequently and easily. This is useful for people who suffer from bladder stones or urinary tract infections because it helps flush out harmful bacteria from their bodies. The beneficial effects of rutin and quercetin, two potent antioxidants found in this plant, are also useful for treating inflammation of the colon.*

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