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Thyroid Support

Thyroid Support


• Improves the body’s metabolic rate & functions

• Helps stimulate the production of proteins and increase the use of oxygen by cells in the body

• Involved in the assimilation of calcium & bone health

• Offsets weight gain (especially hips, bottom, abdomen, & thighs)

• Reduces high cholesterol & triglyceride levels

• Improves energy and diminishes extreme fatigue

• Better menstrual cycles (including fertility)

• Better concentration and focus

• Stronger nails (prevents thinness and brittleness)

• Improves puffiness under the eyes

• Offsets lifeless, dry hair and dry skin

• Easier to wake up in the mornings

• Less irritable and moody 

• Improve sex drive

• Less itchy skin or hives

• Reduces thinning or loss of outside portion of eyebrows

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