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Ultra Colon Clenz 60 caps, 120 caps

Ultra Colon Clenz 60 caps, 120 caps


Each capsule of Ultra Colon Clenz includes a gentle blend of all-natural herbs traditionally known for their internal cleansing properties. This select blend of ingredients helps your digestive tract work the way nature intended.
For internal freshness, Ultra Colon Clenz also includes chlorophyll, peppermint and apple pectin. Give your system the gentle help it needs, try Ultra Colon Clenz, today.
Take care of your internal environment and maintain a clean, well-functioning digestive system. Use the gentle all-natural ingredients in Ultra Colon Clenz to promote regularity.
Trust Natural Balance to provide you with the finest quality supplements available.



Cascara Sagrada (bark),Senna (leaf),Chinese Rhubarb (root), Black Walnut (hull), Aloe Vera (leaf),Oregon Grape (root), Yellow Dock (root), Valerian (root), Slippery Elm (bark)

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